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Welcome to our frequently asked questions page. We often get asked a lot of questions with regard to our charter services and charters in general. We like to help our customers to have all of the information needed to make an informed decision. A lot of times, a fishing charter is one of the high points of your vacation or trip. In some cases, the charter is the reason for the trip. So, we take this very seriously since a fishing charter is a big investment and you want to have the best time possible and also be prepared. If we do not have an answer for you below, please take the time to email me directly at or call me directly at 850 982 6007.

A Private Charter is a charter whereby you and your family or group are the only customers the boat along with Captain and Crew. Head Boats, walk on boats you buy a space for each individual and you are fishing with up to 50 other fishing people. The advantage is that our captain and crew can focus on you and the best possible fishing charter. We invest in our own reefs and manage them to maximize your fishing experience. In addition, we can tailor the trip to meet your needs and expectations meaning if there is a type of fishing you enjoy let us know. Our highly trained deckhands have 1 job and that is you and your guests.
Captain Buddy has been in the Fishing Charter business for over 35 years! Only one of 2 Captains in the area that can make that claim. Captain Buddy has been doing Dive and Fishing Charters since the early 80s with zero accidents on his record. Captain Buddy’s number 1 focus is your safety aboard the Reel Eazy. Our 2nd focus, is all about your fishing trip!
Yes, we can accommodate any custom charter you wish including weddings! For example: we have lots of restaurants and can take you and your group for a cruise to a waterfront restaurant. You can visit our historical sites. In July the Blue Angels have their airshow on Pensacola Beach, we offer charters to see the Blues fly from the Gulf which is a very exciting perspective from our decks.
Our premier season is Snapper season where we focus on Red Snapper. However, there are lots of exciting species that we also catch such as Cobia, Grouper, Trigger, Amberjack, King Mackeral, Mingo Snappers and much more. Our charters mainly bottom fish, however, if trolling is your speed we can accommodate all types of offshore fishing.
The Reel Eazy is 46ft with a 16ft Beam. Our fishing platform is huge and we can fish up to 20 people on fishing trips and carry up to 28 passengers on cruises
The Reel Eazy is licensed to fish State and Federal Waters up to 100 miles. Our fishing charter specialty is fishing federal waters off Pensacola Beach, South East Alabama, Navarre and Okaloosa County. We offer longer custom charters were we may even fish Oil Rigs for Tuna and larger gamefish. Many of our customers get a 6 to 8hr charter whereby we may go from 10 to 25 miles from the pass to catch fish. The Reel Eazy is a fast charter boat so if where we are fishing is not doing as well as we like, we may move around to find the bite. The goal is to ensure you catch nice fish.
The Reel Eazy provides all of your fishing rods, bait and fishing licenses. You should bring Food, drink, cameras, cooler with ice and plenty of sunscreen. We are a full service charter where all you need to do is get on board and we will take care of the rest. One note: Leave Bananas at home or the hotel, they are BAD LUCK! ( )
No, the Reel Eazy has a master license for all the fishing we will be doing. It is not required for you to purchase a fishing license to fish aboard the Reel Eazy.
The Deckhand and sometimes even the Captain gets into the fun of cleaning fish for you. We will clean the fish, rinse the filets and bag your catch for you. Fishing cleaning is included in your tips to the crew and there are no additional charges for this service.
Yes, it is customary on all charter boats to tip your crew. Typical gratuities run 15% to 20%. Our deckhands mainly work for tips and all tips are appreciated.
We have a joke around Pensacola Beach, if you do not like the weather just wait 30 minutes. A lot of times we get showers, etc which we go around. We see news of storms that never materialize. The worst thing can be to cancel your long awaited trip only to find out it is sunny and calm on your fishing day. This is why we call fishing trips the morning of the trip. If we cancel your trip you owe us nothing. In some cases, we will run to the pass and give you an opportunity to decide if it is really rough. Again, sometimes gulf lays down and what starts as bumpy turns nice. We have been doing this for a long time and will not take you out in unsafe conditions. If we do cancel your trip, our first job will be to reschedule if we have availability. Your rescheduled trip will get priority and we will try to get you out at another time.

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Peg Leg Pete’s Marina
1010 Fort Pickens Road Slip #6
Pensacola Beach, Florida 32561
Lat: 30.328101 Long: -87.164422

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Phone: (850) 932-8824